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01 View Diet Time
Created with React, Diet Time is my latest personal project. I needed a way to manage my ever-changing diet, so why not create an application for it? Create your own ingredients, recipes and of course, diets. Track your nutrition intakes down to the grams.
As it was built with multiple users in mind, you can create an account and see if it helps you out as well. 🍊
02 View Calendario
Written in Angular, Calendario was a personal project for a simple booking application which can be operated by anyone with ease. The administration interface of the application can be used to create various forms for various businesses. Dates can be restricted, incoming records can be found easily with sorting and filtering.
03 Visit Biomimicry
As part of this project my job was to develop the site of Biomimicry Hungary. Wordpress was the chosen CMS, so i had the pleasure to try out my hand in writing custom wp plugins in PHP. The website uses a basic bootstrap template so it could be built from the ground up and tailored to the needs of the owner.
04 Visit Kistelek
My very first big project in my very first job as a full stack developer. The goal was to recreate the whole site according to new design specs. I also needed to develop a fully functioning CMS behind the site from scratch, so in overall, it contained work anywhere from migrating databases to building image carousels.

I’m Ferenc Almasi, a Hungarian based front end developer and you are currently looking at my portfolio. I have a passion for developing new interactive applications as well as designing them. I also love trying out new technologies and creating simple yet attractive things. You can find out more about me on social media or get in touch right away through the contact tab.

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